What I do

I empower women to become active participants in their own life so that they can step into their power and and live life on their terms.

It’s me! Lisa D.

A Little bit about me

My name is Lisa D and I am the creator and founder of Lisa D – Life by Design. I am a mom, a wife and and a former counsellor.

Although I loved my job as a counsellor, I did not feel like I was having the impact on others that I wanted and the lifestyle that I was living was negatively impacting my health and my family. Together, these left me feeling unfulfilled, frustrated and burned out. The way I was working and living was not sustainable and I knew that if I wanted to live a happy and fulfilled life, something had to change.

This realization started a journey of personal growth and soul searching for me. I eventually realized that the dreams and goals I had for my career and my family did not fit in an existing “container” or “mold” and that If I was to achieve happiness and fulfilmment, both personally and professionnally, I needed to create my own conditions. That’s how Lisa D – Life by Design was born.

The decision to create a career and lifestyle that aligns with who I am has allowed me to break free from the cage that was stiffling my gifts and visions, and has permitted me to step into my true purpose and have a greater impact on others, all the while creating a lifestyle that fits my needs and the needs of my family.

This transition has been so incredibly empowering and life changing for me that I am compelled to help other women find their purpose, step into their power, and create an authentic life for themselves.